Why Join?

Enjoy the benefits of community.


There's something deep about friendships where people have experienced the same struggles.


Talk to people who've gone through the journey of apostasy, navigating family, and charting a path forward.


Join us for private events. Some are open for you to bring trusted friends and family too.

Our Approach

Normalizing Dissent

We’re ex-Muslims, not anti-Muslim. We left Islam. We didn’t leave our families and the people we love. We believe families of believers and apostates shouldn’t be torn apart by religion. This can only happen when disagreeing with and leaving Islam is normalized.

For more, see our Manifesto.

Respect for Privacy

We understand that even in the West, publicly revealing that you’re an ex-Muslim can often come with severe consequences. That’s why all prospective members must go through a security screening and agree to a code of conduct that ensures that the privacy of all members is maintained.

Member Driven

We believe that a participatory model to community works best.

If you’re part of the community, you’ll help organize meetups, mentor those who need more focused support, help with admin tasks, or help in other ways.

Everyone has something to offer.

Ex-Muslims of Toronto (EXMTO)

We’re one of the city groups spun out of EXMNA, as they are now focused on advocacy and special projects. Meetup communities in North America are now all independently run.

Read more about us on our About page.

Get in Touch

For general inquiries or to schedule a screening, email is best. Note that our social media accounts are only used as a broadcast medium for updates and announcements.



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