Ready to join us?

Just send an email to indicating that you’re an ex-Muslim who would like to join. To help expedite things you can include:

  • What part of the Toronto area you live in (e.g. downtown, Pickering, Mississauga, etc.)
  • How long you’ve been an ex-Muslim
  • What you’re hoping to get (or give) from membership in our group
  • What days/times in the upcoming week you’d likely be available for a 1-hour screening

What to Expect

You’ll be contacted by one of our screeners by email. You will both coordinate on a date and time for your screening, which is a video call.

Come Prepared

You’ll need a quiet, private place to talk. Make sure you have a headset for privacy, a good mic, a webcam. Our screening calls are usually an hour in length.

Code of Conduct

We value the safety and privacy of our members. Like any organized group, we have a few rules to ensure people can get the most out of being part of the community In addition to your screening, you’ll also need to agree to our code of conduct—common sense provisions about respecting people’s privacy and space, abiding by the law, etc.

Membership Benefits

Having a community at your back cannot be overstated. Many people join because they could use someone to talk to about the trauma of leaving the faith and the fallout from having told their families. Some join because they want to be around likeminded people who get them. Others have healed long ago, and enjoy giving back as mentors and organizing fantastic social events and parties.

Most of our members have reported having developed a much deeper sense of confidence in owning their identity, beliefs, and in showing up more authentically in the world having connected with others who understand them.

Get support. Give support. Your community awaits you.